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Lecture hall

The talks will take place in the big lecture hall O1 in the O-building (click here for a map how to find the O building).

The lecture hall has four large moveable blackboards and two large projection screens. It is also possible to use one projection screen and two of the moveable blackboards. The remaining blackboard space is still reasonably large.

The registration and coffee breaks will take place in room O1.224. Additionally the room O1.252 will be available for discussions among participants of the conference.

How to reach the University Campus

A convenient way to reach the University campus from the city center is by bus. Tickets can be purchased on the bus and at many bus stations (including Hauptbahnhof).  We recommend to buy either "4er Tickets" (4 rides),  or a "7 Tage Ticket" (7 days).

Bus-Network Plan

Bus stops close to the campus:

1. Bus stop "Uni-Südring", which can be reached from the city center (Hauptbahnhof, Westerntor, Rathausplatz, Kamp) by lines 4 (direction Dahl) and line 9 (direction Kaukenberg).
Busses 4/9 are running every 15 minutes, and the ride from the center to the campus takes about 15 minutes. 

2. Bus stop "Schöne Aussicht", which can be reached from the city center (Hauptbahnhof, Neuhäuser Tor, Detmolder Tor, Am Bogen) by line 68, direction "Schöne Aussicht". It operates every 30 minutes.

Notice: The line "UNI" does not operate during the semester break.
            The stop "Zentralstation" is presently closed.

TimetablesLines 4, Line 9   Line 68.

For more information, including journey details and further timetables, you may consult the PaderSprinter website.

Bus stops close to some of the hotels:

Best Western Hotel Arosa:
1. "Westerntor": from here, you can take lines 4, 9, 68 to the campus.
2.  "Rathausplatz". from here you can take line 4 or 9 to the campus.                              

Hotel Aspethera:
1.  "Kasseler Str.": from here you can take line 4 or 9.
2.  "Am Bogen": there is line 68, direction "Schöne Aussicht".

Hotel Abdinghof:    
 "Rathausplatz",  take line 4 or 9.           

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