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Reductive Groups 2020

Conference: June 29 - July 3, 2020 in Bergkloster Bestwig.

Organizers: Bernhard Krötz and Job Kuit

The theme of the conference is reductive groups in a broad sense, i.e. we intend to have talks on harmonic analysis, representation theory,  automorphic forms, geometry and ergodic theory. There will be a light schedule with two talks in the morning and two talks in the afternoon. On Wednesday afternoon there will be an excursion. Of the total of 18 talks, at least 12 will be fixed in advance; the remaining ones will be determined by the participants in Bestwig.


  • Alexandre Afgoustidis
  • Rami Aizenbud
  • Anne-Marie Aubert
  • Uri Bader
  • Erik van den Ban
  • Dan Barbasch
  • Raphaël Beuzart-Plessis
  • Barbara Bošnjak
  • Darija Brajković Zorić
  • Kei Yen Chan
  • Dan Ciubotaru
  • Pierre Clare
  • Patrick Delorme
  • Tobias Finis
  • Itay Glazer
  • Alexander Gorodnik
  • Dmitry Gourevitch
  • Marcela Hanzer
  • Pascale Harinck
  • Volker Heiermann
  • Nigel Higson
  • Friedrich Knop
  • Bernhard Krötz
  • Job Kuit
  • Erez Lapid
  • Jasmin Matz
  • Colette Moeglin
  • Werner Müller
  • Amos Nevo (to be confirmed)
  • Martin Olbrich
  • Eric Opdam
  • Guenda Palmirotta
  • Aaron Pollack
  • Andre Reznikov
  • Siddhartha Sahi
  • Gordan Savin
  • Eitan Sayag
  • Henrik Schlichtkrull
  • Maarten Solleveld
  • Birgit Speh
  • Eyal Subag
  • Chen Wan
  • Alexander Yom Din
  • Vladimir Zhgoon

Next to the invited participants there is limited room for additional participants. Please inquire with the organizers.

Arrival: Late afternoon/evening of Sunday June 29.

Departure: Before noon on Saturday July 4.

Directions: Bestwig can be reached both by train and by car. See the website of the Germain railways for the train connections. The monastery is located at about 500 m from the train station in Bestwig. See the map.

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