Oberseminar "Number Theory and Arithmetical Statistics"

  Ort: A3.339                                Uhrzeit: 14:15 - 15:45 Uhr

Dienstag, 31.10.2023 Fabian Gundlach "Counting abelian extensions of number fields"
Dienstag, 07.11.2023 Dr. Beranger Seguin "Covers and rigidity in inverse Galois theory"
Dienstag, 21.11.2023 Raphael Müller "Solving embedding problems in characteristic p"
Dienstag, 28.11.2023 Francisco Araújo "Estimates for the numberof representations of binary quadratic forms"
Dienstag, 12.12.2023 Nicolas Potthast "Describing abelian extensions with Witt vectors"
Dienstag, 19.12.2023 Prof. Dr. Jürgen Klüners "Asymptotics of nilpotent extensions of number fields"
Dienstag, 09.01.2024 PD Dr. Markus Kirschmer "Orders in number fields"




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