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Support in your Math Studies

Our Lernzentrum Mathematik offers support related to any questions concerning your math studies. We provide a room for Bachelor/Master mathematics students and for mathematics teacher students, where you can work alone or in groups. There is always a student assistant available to answer subject-specific questions. If you have any questions about the Lernzentrum or want to give feedback, then please email us.

Due to the pandemic, the Lernzentrum Mathematik can only offer online support via Zoom. During the opening hours, you can ask the student assistants questions about the lecture or exercises, and use breakout rooms in Zoom to work with other students. The links to the Zoom meetings are published on the PANDA websites of the corresponding courses.

Further information:

Location: J2.324

Lara Gildehaus
Charlene Weiß

If you have any questions, then email us at

Responsible Lecturers:
Prof. Dr. Fabian Januszewski
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Michael Liebendörfer

The University for the Information Society