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Montag, 17.06.2019 | 16.45 - 17.45 Uhr | Hörsaal D2

Mathematisches Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Stephan Trenn, Universität Groningen (NL)

Vortrag: Switched differential algebraic equations: Jumps and impulses

Abstract: In this talk switched differential algebraic equations (switched DAEs) as a modeling framework for dynamical systems are presented. Switched systems are used to model sudden structural changes induced e.g. by component faults or by intentional switches in electrical circuit. Since structural changes may also change algebraic constraints it is necessary to consider these explicitly in the form of differential algebraic equations (DAEs). This recently introduced system class of switched DAEs is highly relevant for applications (e.g. analysis and control of the power network), but at the same time it poses many mathematical challenges. In particular, it is necessary to enlarge the solution space in order to also treat jumps and impulses. This talk will present a suitable solution concept based on piecewise-smooth distributions and will discuss impulse-freeness and observability of switched DAEs.

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