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Donnerstag, 07.12.2017 | 16.15 - 17.15 Uhr | E5.333

Oberseminar "Angewandte Mathematik": Prof. Steven L. Brunton, University of Washington

Vortrag mit dem Titel: Data-driven discovery and control of complex systems 


This presentation will describe a general framework to discover the governing equations underlying a dynamical system simply from data measurements, leveraging advances in sparsity-promoting techniques and machine learning.  The resulting models are parsimonious, balancing model complexity with descriptive ability while avoiding overfitting.  Next, we will explore the data-driven discovery of intrinsic coordinates via the Koopman operator, in which it is possible to embed nonlinear dynamics in a linear framework, enabling optimal nonlinear control using standard linear techniques.  This perspective, combining dynamical systems with machine learning and sparse optimization, is explored with the overarching goal of real-time closed-loop feedback flow control. 

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