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Freitag, 14.06.2019 | 16.00 Uhr | Hörsaal O1

Weierstraß-Vorlesung 2019

Die Weierstraß-Vorlesung 2019 wird am 14. Juni 2019 stattfinden. Der Vortrag wird gehalten von Prof. Dr. Akshay Venkatesh, einem Träger der Fields-Medaille, dem "Nobelpreis der Mathematik". Der Titel des Vortrags lautet:

From elliptic integrals to Diophantine equations

When does a polynomial equation in two variables, such as X^2-Y^5=11, have finitely many solutions in rational numbers? This was a famous question of Mordell, and was settled by Faltings in 1983. Recently Brian Lawrence and I found a new approach to this result. Our proof makes key use of "period mappings," which generalize some aspects of the classical theory of elliptic integrals. I will begin by reviewing some of this theory, starting with ideas contributed by Jacobi and Weierstrass, and then try to give some hint of how one gets from there to number theory.

Weitere Informationen gibt es in Kürze auf der Seite zur Weierstraß-Vorlesung.

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