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Workshop LQP 45

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop LQP45 has been suspended.

The information given below is therefore at least partially outdated; it is kept mostly for documentary purposes. The new date will be determined in due course.


If you have any questions concerning the workshop, please feel free to drop me an e-mail via
Please replace "..." by "@", by "." and by "." (in that order), respectively.


The workshop will take place in lecture hall D2 at Paderborn University. It is located at the ground floor of building D. Please check the campus map for details.

Important Dates

April 5   Deadline: Application for Financial Support
April 24   Hotel reservation expires
May 18   Deadline: Registration
June 26 2 pm

Start of Workshop

June 26 7 pm Dinner
June 27 4 pm End of Workshop


Please register by May 18, 2020 (preferably earlier) via e-mail (see the lqp45 address above).

For our planning, please provide us with your name and your affiliation, and please answer the following questions (see also below):

  1. Would you like to give a talk?
    If yes: Subject and title?
  2. Would you like to attend dinner on Friday?
    If yes: Are there any accompanying persons?
  3. Do you need financial support?  (If yes: Please answer by April 5.)
    If yes: Expected amount (train/flight; accomodation)? Travel dates?

If there will be more submissions of talks than slots in the program, we may put your talk on a waiting list.

Talk Submission

You are invited to submit talks in the areas of quantum field theory, quantum statistical mechanics, quantum information, non-commutative geometry, quantum gravity and cosmology, and related topics of mathematical physics and mathematics. As always in this series of workshops, we will have about 10 talks, giving in particular junior participants the opportunity to present their research projects or results.

Financial support

There will probably be some limited funds to support participants having no own funding, by contributing to their travel costs. Priority is intended to be given to speakers, junior participants and participants coming from abroad. Please inform us about the expected costs for traveling and accomodation (some legal limits apply), and if you need to stay additional nights in Paderborn.

Note that the application deadline (April 5, 2020) is much earlier than the general registration deadline above. Later applications might still be successful, but only as long as there is some funding available.

We try to inform any applicant as soon as possible after April 5 about the amount we can provide, such that there should be sufficient time for bookings.


We plan to have a workshop dinner on Friday evening. The location, however, has not been fixed yet. Nevertheless, for planning purposes, please indicate upon registration if you intend to join us for dinner.


We have blocked rooms in the IN VIA hotel in Paderborn. The reservation expires April 24, 2020. If you would like to book, please follow the booking details (to be) sent in the circular or just contact me.

Registered Participants

The list will be displayed here in due course.
If you wish that your name does not appear here, please let us know.


The program is expected to be fixed soon after the registration deadline on May 18.



There are several bus lines running from Paderborn Hbf (main station) to the university. Get off at the stop "Uni/Schöne Aussicht" (lines UNI and 68) or at the stop "Uni/Südring" (lines 4 and 9). These stops are also indicated at the campus map.

Note that the fast line UNI is not running on Saturdays.


We recommend to book trains to/from Paderborn Hbf and then to take a bus.

If you come via Bielefeld, you might consider to get off already at Paderborn Kasseler Tor (1200 m walk to university) or Paderborn Nord (750 m walk to IN VIA hotel).


If you need to fly, there are three airports with regular direct connections to Paderborn Hbf (main station).

  • Düsseldorf (DUS) provides you with many international connections.
    Trains to Paderborn usually run every hour and take about 2 hours. Additionally, there are several connections with one or two changes.
  • Hannover (HAJ) provides you with several international connections.
    Trains to Paderborn usually run every hour and take about 2 hours.
  • Paderborn/Lippstadt (PAD) provides you with a very limited number of connections; usually, flights to/from PAD go via Munich or Frankfurt.
    Direct buses to Paderborn Hbf run every hour and take about 22 minutes. (On Saturdays they run every second hour.)

Travelling from other airports like Frankfurt am Main (FRA) or Munich (MUC) takes you three hours or more.

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