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9th Tux Workshop on Quantum Gravity

After the 2021 edition had to be cancelled due to Covid-19, the tradition of Tux winter workshops on quantum gravity shall be resumed in 2022. The next workshop in the series is scheduled for February 14-18, 2022 in Tux (Austria).

Facing sky-rocketing Covid-19 figures, we have been discussing whether an on-site workshop is both advisable and legally possible. Concerning legal issues (see also below) we do not anticipate any restrictions that completely interdict such meetings; nevertheless, we expect several obligations like mask mandates or vaccination requirements. Concerning advisabilitiy, the situation has been much more controversial. Finally, we decided to indeed organize Tux 2022, but this time as a hybrid workshop (both on-site in Tux and online) and with split responsibilities: the in-presence parts will be in the sole responsibility of Jerzy Lewandowski.


Christian Fleischhack christian.fleischhack ...... Universität Paderborn
Jerzy Lewandowski jerzy.lewandowski ....... Uniwersytet Warszawski

Please replace the dots and spaces by @.


Please register your participation in the workshop by e-mail to the conference address above as soon as possible, and before Friday, December 17, 2021. Please let us know whether you plan to be on-site in Tux or on-line only. If you will come to Tux, please also indicate your dates of arrival and departure.

Please send title and abstract of your proposed talk to the same address. The deadline for talk submission is Thursday, January 13, 2022, although earlier submission is strongly encouraged.

Please let us know if your name, affiliation and talk details shall not be published at the website.


The schedule will be published as soon as available.

Further Information


The aim is to bring together experts on loop quantum gravity and related topics. In general, the topics of the workshop include  

  • All approaches to loop quantum gravity (e.g. canonical, covariant, GFT)
  • Other approaches to quantum gravity and their relation to LQG
  • LQG related quantum gravity phenomenology
  • Quantum gravity topics of general interest
  • GR and differential geometry topics of general interest

First and foremost, we would like to invite you to take part in the meeting and to submit a talk.


The pandemic situation is very volatile. We cannot give a comprehensive account on all the rules as they may also depend on time and on the country you are living in or coming from. The following information is to be considered as a guideline.

First, as a rule of thumb: if you are fully vaccinated or past SARS-CoV-2 infection and if you are not coming from a virus variant area, you can expect (as of today, Nov 11, 2021) to be allowed to come to Tux and to attend the workshop. Please also expect that there are certain additional requirements on the spot like mask mandates.

Now, more in detail. In general, the rules affect us mainly in four different areas: entry to Austria, restrictions within Austria, the workshop itself, the situation in Tux outside Tux center.

Entry to Austria: At present, the main rules are given by the "Einreiseverordnung" (in German). You may qualify for an entry without quarantine or test, if you stayed the previous 10 days in certain "lower-risk" countries (they are explicitly listed) and if you can prove that you are either fully vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19. Similar exempts apply to business travellors from other countries, unless they come from "Virusvariantengebieten" (the list of these countries is empty as of today, Nov 11, 2021). Note that there are certain time limits for how long the last shot or the infection may has been ago.

Austria in general: Since very recently, if you stay in a hotel, you have to be fully vaccinated or recovered. The same applies to restaurants. There are FFP2 mask mandates, in particular, for public transportation.

Workshop itself: In general, organizers are responsible for the compliance with any on-site rules. At present, they comprise that you have to be fully vaccinated or recovered to enter Tux center. Organizers (here: Jerzy Lewandowski) are responsible to check the status of the participants. Note that Tux Center is a registered testing site, so they can test the people that need tests. There is also a requirement that anybody has to sit at the same spot in the seminar room every time. Further policies may involve mask mandates or runny-nose exclusions (people having respiratory symptoms might not be allowed to enter the venue).

Tux in general: At present, we have no idea what will be the regulations concerning restaurants etc. in February. Therefore, we decided not to officially organize a start-up or conference dinner. Of course, feel free to gather for dinner as far as it is allowed, if you like to and if you think it is responsible.

Please note that all the information we have provided here, is informal and not legally binding. Also we will not be able to communicate any future changes in the rules. However, if we do become aware of some relevant changes, we will let you know.

(All information as of November 11, 2021.)

E-mail   (with the dots replaced by @)

You may also feel free to contact any of the organizers.


Lanersbach 401
6293 Tux


This year's conference is supported by Paderborn University. Therefore, there will again be no conference fee.

At the same time, however, we do not expect to have any financial support available directly for participants.


The nearest train station for long-distance trains is Jenbach; from Jenbach there is a light train to Mayrhofen and then a bus to Tux.

The nearest airports are Munich and Innsbruck. There is also an affordable shuttle service from Munich airport.


There is a tourist service that can find accommodation according to your specifications and help with the booking. You can also book online on the their website (see "search and book"), but it may also be helpful to call them, as not all places are bookable online. They speak English:

Phone +43 5287 8506
Fax +43 5287 8508
E-mail   (with dots replaced by @)

Please notice that the conference venue is in Tux-Lanersbach. If you stay in Hintertux or in Finkenberg, you would have to take a bus to get there.


Please note that we can not support visa applications in most cases.


The 10th Tux workshop on quantum gravity is preliminarily planned to take place on Feb 13-17, 2023. We hope that we will be able to then fully return to the traditional Tux workshop style. You may find information about previous editions via the following links:

Also, in 2023, Norbert Bodendorfer and Hanno Sahlmann are expected to return as co-organizers; unfortunately, this year, for various reasons, they cannot join us.

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