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Prof. Dr. Andrea Walther

Starting with October 1st, 2019, I am located at the HU Berlin! This website will move soon.

Research Interests:

Nonlinear Optimisation

  • Development and analysis of adjoint-based optimisation methods
  • Development and analysis of new methods for non-smooth optimisation

Algorithmic Differentiation

 = Calculation of derivatives for functions given as computer code

Amongst other things I am working on

  • the further development of our tool ADOL-C
  • checkpointing techniques

You find further information on algorithmic differentiation here. A standard reference is this book.

Some Activities

  • Member of the Managing Board of the GAMM (treasurer)
  • Chair of the Activity Group Computational Science and Engineering of the GAMM
  • Member of the Programme Committee of the SIAM CSE 2019
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the French-German optimization conferences

Prof. Dr. Andrea Walther

Mathematics and its Applications

Andrea Walther
+49 5251 60-2721
+49 5251 60-2724
TP 21.1.20

Postal Address

Universität Paderborn
Fakultät EIM
Institut für Mathematik
Arbeitsgruppe Mathematik und ihre Anwendungen
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn

The University for the Information Society