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Workshop on Non-Archimedean Analysis, Lie Groups and Dynamical Systems

Venue: University of Paderborn
Date: February 8-12, 2010
Organiser: Helge Glöckner, glockner (at) math.upb (dot) de
Scientific committee: B. Klopsch, S. Orlik, J. Rivera-Letelier, W. Schikhof, P. Schneider, T. Wedhorn, G. Willis
Scientific programme: Click here for the time schedule
Participants: The list of participants can be found here


This workshop strives to bring together researchers from distinct but related areas of non-archimedean analysis, notably from p-adic Lie theory and non-archimedean dynamical systems. Besides research talks, there will be survey lectures and expository mini-courses, which make the event suitable also for graduate students.

Topics include

  • Non-archimedean functional analysis
  • Non-archimedean calculus and function theory
  • Rigid analytic geometry
  • Non-archimedean dynamical systems
  • Lie groups over local fields and their representations
  • Structure theory of locally pro-finite groups


W. Bertram (Nancy) Differential calculus over general base fields and rings
C. Kappen (Münster) Rigid analytic geometry
B. Klopsch (RHUL, London) Analytic groups over pro-p-domains
J. Rivera-Letelier (PUC, Santiago) Ergodic theory of ultrametric rational maps
W. Sliwa (Poznan) An introduction to non-archimedean functional analysis
J. Teitelbaum (U Connecticut) Locally analytic representation theory
G.A. Willis (Newcastle, Australia) Automorphisms of totally disconnected compact groups


H. Abels (Bielefeld) Undistorted solvable linear groups
V.S. Anashin (Moscow) Algebraic dynamics: non-expanding transformations on profinite algebras (the ergodic theory)
E. Breuillard (Paris 11) A topological Tits alternative
R. Cluckers (Leuven) p-adic van der Corput Lemma and Restriction Theorems
M. Einsiedler (ETH Zurich) Diagonalizable actions on p-adic groups and divisibility properties of Hamiltonian quaternions
H. Glöckner (Paderborn) Invariant subgroups in Lie groups over local fields
E. Große-Klönne (HU Berlin) On the structure of the universal module over certain Hecke algebras
J. Kakol (Poznan) Metrizability of compactoids in non-archimedean locally convex spaces
A. Khrennikov (Växjö) Distributions on infinite-dimensional non-archimedean spaces
A.N. Kochubei (Kiev) Non-archimedean normal operators
K.-O. Lindahl (Växjö) Linearization problems in non-archimedean dynamics
G. Lukacs (Manitoba) Is every hereditarily disconnected hereditarily locally pseudocompact group zero-dimensional?
V.L. Popov (Moscow) Cayley groups
F.G. Russo (Naples) Techniques for the description of compact just-non-Lie groups
K. Schmidt (U Wien) Algebraic dynamical systems
T. Schmidt (Münster) Algebras of locally analytic distributions
V. Srinivasan (Chennai) A generalised Nörlund method for double sequences in non-archimedean fields
T. Tucker (Rochester) Linearization and a dynamical Mordell-Lang conjecture
T. Weigel (Milano-Bicocca) Almost automorphisms of locally finite trees;
    Abstract commensurators of profinite groups

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