13th In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Con­fe­rence on p-adic Func­ti­o­nal Ana­ly­sis

Venue: Universität Paderborn
Date: August 12-16, 2014
Organiser: Helge Glöckner
Scientific committee: J. Aguayo Garrido, A. Escassut, A. K. Katsaras, A. N. Kochubei, H. Ochsenius, M. C. Perez Garcia, K. Shamseddine, W. H. Schikhof †
Time schedule: The conference programme will start August 12 at 9 a.m. and end in the afternoon of August 16.


The conference is directed to researchers in p-adic functional analysis and related areas, like non-archimedean analysis and non-archimedean dynamical systems. It is part of a series of biennial international conferences on p-adic functional analysis. The current meeting will be held in the memory of Wim H. Schikhof. Previous sessions took place at:


  • Laredo, Spain (1990)
  • Santiago, Chile (1992)
  • Clermont-Ferrand, France (1994, 2004, 2010)
  • Nijmegen, The Netherlands (1996, 2002)
  • Poznan, Poland (1998)
  • Ioannina, Greece (2000)
  • Concepcion, Chile (2006)
  • Michigan State University, USA (2008)
  • University of Manitoba, Canada (2012)


Scien­ti­fic Pro­gram­me

A brief time schedule can be found here.

The full conference programme (including abstracts) is available here.


  1. Jose Aguayo, Spectral theory and a spectral measure for an infinite-dimensional Banach space
  2. Rafik Belhadef, Transcendence of Thue Morse p-adic continued fractions
  3. Martin Berz, Spectral theory and linear algebra over Levi-Civita vector- and Hilbert spaces
  4. Toka Diagana, Spectral analysis for some finite rank perturbations of diagonal linear operators in non-archimedean Hilbert space E_omega
  5. Bertin Diarra, Ultrametric continuous linear representations of the compact groups SL(2, Z_p), GL(2, Z_p)
  6. Alain Escassut, Growth order, type and cotype of p-adic entire functions
  7. Paolo Giordano, Theory of infinitely near points in smooth manifolds: the Fermat functor
  8. Helge Glöckner, Exponential laws for spaces of ultrametric differentiable functions and applications
  9. Nikolay Ivankov, On bivariant K-theory for ultrametric Banach algebras
  10. Hans Keller, Large affine spaces of invertible operators
  11. Andrei Khrennikov, P-adic Numbers from superstrings and molecular motors to cognition and psychology
  12. Albert Kubzdela / Jerzy Kakol, Non-archimedean Grothendieck and Krein's theorems
  13. Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann, Ball spaces - a framework for fixed point theorems inspired by ultrametric spaces II
  14. Katarzyna Kuhlmann, Ball spaces - a framework for fixed point theorems inspired by ultrametric spaces I
  15. Yuri Kuzmenko, A nonarchimedean counterpart of Johnson's theorem for discrete groups
  16. Michel Lapidus, p-adic fractal strings: fractal tube formulas, zeta functions and complex dimensions
  17. Junghun Lee, J-stability of immediately expanding polynomial maps in non-Archimedean dynamics
  18. Karl-Olof Lindahl, Localization of periodic points and minimally ramified power series
  19. Hamza Menken, Some properties of Liouville numbers in the non-archimedean case
  20. Enno Nagel, p-adic Taylor polynomials
  21. Miguel Nova, Spectral theory and a spectral measure for a finite-dimensional Banach space
  22. Jacqueline Ojeda, Hayman's conjecture in a non-archimedean context
  23. Elena Olivos, A note on Banach spaces over a rank 1 discretely valued field
  24. Cristina Perez-Garcia, Wim Schikhof: Our colleague and friend
  25. Andrea Pulita, p-adic differential equations on curves
  26. John Jaime Rodriguez, Fundamental solutions of pseudo-differential equations associated with quadratic forms
  27. Yaroslav D. Sergeyev, The infinity computer and numerical computations with infinities and infinitesimals
  28. Khodr Shamseddine, New results on the Lebesgue-like measure and integration theory on the Levi-Civita field and applications
  29. Alexander Wittig, Superlinear convergent iterative methods on non-archimedean fields and their applications
  30. Agnieszka Ziemkowska, On complemented subspaces of non-archimedean generalized power series spaces
  31. Wilson Zuniga, Nonlocal operators, parabolic-type equations, and ultrametric random walks


  1. Jose Aguayo (Concepcion)
  2. Rafik Belhadef (U Jijel)
  3. Martin Berz (MSU)
  4. Toka Diagana (Howard)
  5. Bertin Diarra (Clermont Ferrand)
  6. Alain Escassut (Clermont Ferrand)
  7. Youssef Fares (Amiens)
  8. Paolo Giordano (Vienna)
  9. Helge Glöckner (Paderborn)
  10. Nikolay Ivankov (Göttingen)
  11. Jerzy Kakol (Poznan)
  12. Hans Keller (Lucerne)
  13. Andrei Khrennikov (Växjö)
  14. Albert Kubzdela (Poznan U Technology)
  15. Frank-Viktor Kuhlmann (U Saskatchewan)
  16. Katarzyna Kuhlmann (U Silesia)
  17. Yuri Kuzmenko (Moscow)
  18. Michel L. Lapidus (U California)
  19. Junghun Lee (Nagoya)
  20. Karl-Olof Lindahl (Växjö)
  21. Hamza Menken (Mersin U)
  22. Enno Nagel (Paris)
  23. Miguel Nova (U Catolica de la Santisima)
  24. Jacqueline Ojeda Fuentealba (Concepcion)
  25. Elena Olivos (U La Frontera)
  26. Andrea Pulita (Montpellier)
  27. Cristina Perez-Garcia (Santander)
  28. John Jaime Rodriguez (Bogota)
  29. Matthias Rother (Münster)
  30. Yaroslav D. Sergeyev (U Calabria)
  31. Khodr Shamseddine (U Manitoba)
  32. Alexander Wittig (Milano)
  33. Wilson Zuniga (Mexico)
  34. Agnieszka Ziemkowska (Poznan U Technology)

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