Lecture courses

Winter 2021/22 L.105.55110 Mathematics of Quantum Computing
Summer 2021 L.105.51410 Analytic Number Theory
Winter 2020/21 L.105.3A44 Number Theory
Summer 2020 L.105.92400 Complex Analysis for Physicists
Winter 2019/2020 L.105.5A7D0 Buildings and Hecke Algebras
Summer 2019 L.105.3B550 Howe Duality
  L.105.3B550 Mathematical Statistics
Winter 2018/2019 L.105.5A760

Homological Algebra in Spectral Theory of Riemann Surfaces

  L.105.22200 Complex Analysis
Summer 2018 L.105.5B740 Microlocal Analysis
  L.105.23210 Fundamente der Stochastik 1
Winter 2017/2018   SABBATICAL
Summer 2017 L.105.5B770 Geometrische Methoden der Darstellungstheorie
  L.105.23210 Fundamente der Stochastik 1
Winter 2016/2017 L.105.22100 Reelle Analysis
  L.105.5B760 Darstellungstheorie kompaker Gruppen
Summer 2016 L.105.12120 Analysis 2
Winter 2015/2016 L.105.12110 Analysis 1
  L.105.5B860 Ergodic Theory
Summer 2015 L.105.5B730 C*-Algebras in Representation Theory
  L.105.92200 Mathematics for Physicists B
Winter 2014/2015 L.105.10100 Einführung in mathematisches Denken und Arbeiten
  L.105.92100 Mathematics for Physicists A
Summer 2014 L.105.11200 Foundations of Geometry
  L.105.5B740 Semiclassical Analysis
Winter 2013/2014 L.105.10100 Einführung in mathematisches denken und Arbeiten
  L.105.5B710 Ergodic Theory
Summer 2013   SABBATICAL
Winter 2012/2013   Einführung in mathematisches Denken und Arbeiten
Summer 2012   Foundations of Geometry
    Elementary Algebraic Geometry


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