Se­mi­nar So­phus Lie am 26. und 27. Mai 2000 in Wien

Freitag, 26.5.2000:

9.35-10.35 Uhr A. Kirillov, Pennsilvania Introduction to root systems

10.40-11.10 Uhr
K.H. Hofmann, Darmstadt
Arc components of compact groups are Borel sets, aren't they?

11.30-12.30 Uhr
P.W. Michor, Wien
Geometry of orbit spaces of Riemannian transformation groups.


14.30-15.30 Uhr
A. Cap, Wien
Curved analogs of the Bernstein-Gel\-fand-Gel\-fand resolution.

15.35-16.05 Uhr
H. Biller, Darmstadt
Actions of Compact Groups on Rational Cohomology Manifolds

16.30-17.00 Uhr
D. Mittenhuber, Darmstadt
Controllability of solvable Lie algebras

Samstag, 27.5.2000:

9.30-10.30 Uhr A. Kirillov, Pennsylvania Family algebras

10.35-11.05 Uhr
W. Wojtynski, Warschau
Groups of strings and their Lie theory

11.30-12.00 Uhr
M. Palese, Torino
Remarks on the Geometry of Baecklund Transformations.


14.15-15.15 Uhr
N. Reshetikhin, Berkeley
Applications of Lie Theory to Integrable Systems.

15.20-15.50 Uhr
M. W\"ustner, Darmstadt
A generalization of the Jordan decomposition.

15.55-16.25 Uhr
P. Maier, Darmstadt
New results on Frobenius groups admitting planar Partitions

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