Se­mi­nar So­phus Lie am 7. und 8. Ja­nu­ar 2000 in Stutt­gart

Freitag, 7.1.2000:

10.10-11.00 Uhr Karl Heinrich Hofmann, Darmstadt A structure theorem for compact but not nessarily connected groups

11.00-11.50 Uhr
Richard Dipper, Stuttgart
Representations of finite groups of Lie type and quantum groups


14.30-15.15 Uhr
Andreas Neumann, Darmstadt
A Kostant type convexity theorem for infinite dimensional classical Lie algebras

15.15-16.00 Uhr
Georg Hofmann, Darmstadt
On invariant convex sets for linear Coxeter groups

16.30-17.15 Uhr
Michael Wüstner, Darmstadt
Exponential map and centralizers

17.15-18.00 Uhr
Katsuhiko Kikuchi, Kyoto, (z.Z. Bielefeld)
Representations of two-step nilpotent groups

Samstag, 8.1.2000:

9.00-9.45 Uhr Matthias Berth, Greifswald Invariants and equivalence transformations for ordinary differential equations

9.45-10.30 Uhr
Margit Rösler, München
Positivity aspects in the theory of Dunkl operators

11.00-11.45 Uhr
Peter Nagy, Debrecen
Strongly topological and compact Bol loops

11.45-12.30 Uhr
Cornelia Vizman, Timisoara (z.Z. Erlangen)
Curvature and geodesics on groups of diffeomorphisms


14.00-14.50 Uhr
Wolfgang A.F. Ruppert, Wien
Diamonds and umbrellas in sl(2,R)

15.00-15.50 Uhr
Karl-Hermann Neeb, Darmstadt
Compressions of infinite-dimensional bounded symmetric domains

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