Con­fe­rence `Se­mi­nar So­phus Lie' - 37th Ses­si­on

Venue: University of Paderborn, Warburger Straße 100
Date: January 16-17, 2009
Organisers: Alexander Alldridge, Helge Glöckner and Joachim Hilgert
Participants: List of participants

Seminar Sophus Lie is an international mathematical seminar focused on Lie groups and related topics. Since its inception in 1990, it has grown from an informal seminar of the universities of Darmstadt, Erlangen, Greifswald and Leipzig, to a European event. The seminar usually takes place twice a year. (For further information, please consult the

web page



Finite-dimensional Lie theory and geometry

Miroslav Englis (Prague) Toeplitz quantization on real bounded symmetric domains (abstract)
Hermann Hähl (Stuttgart) Lie algebras of associative quadratic algebras (abstract)
Arthemy Kiselev (U Utrecht and IHES) Simple Lie algebras, involutive distributions of operator-valued evolutionary vector fields, and bi-differential affine connections (abstract)
Tomasz Przebinda (Oklahoma University) Semisimple orbital integrals, in the symplectic space, for a real reductive dual pair (abstract)
Annett Püttmann (Bochum) Antiholomorphic involutions of spherical complex spaces (abstract)
Alexandre J. Santana (Augsburg) Invariants cones and transitivity for semigroups in semisimple Lie groups (abstract)


Infinite-dimensional Lie theory and geometry

Joseph Borzellino (California State University) A manifold structure for the group of orbifold diffeomorphisms (abstract)
Isaac Goldbring (University of Illinois) Nonstandard hulls of locally exponential Lie groups and algebras (abstract)
Masha Gordina (University of Connecticut) Riemannian geometry and heat kernel analysis on some infinite-dimensional Lie groups (abstract)
Patrick Iglesias (Hebrew U and CNRS) The moment map in diffeology (abstract)
Christoph Wockel (Göttingen) Categorical Lie groups and Lie's Third Theorem for locally exponential Lie algebras (abstract)
Kris Wysocki (Penn State) Polyfolds and a general Fredholm theory (abstract)

Algebraic groups, p-adic Lie groups and related groups and geometries

Udo Baumgartner (Frankfurt) Algebraic groups over local fields as inspiration and test cases for the structure theory of totally disconnected, locally compact groups (abstract)
Wolfgang Bertram (Nancy) Associative geometries (abstract)
Benjamin Klopsch (Royal Holloway College) Compact analytic groups over pro-p domains of positive characteristic (abstract)
Nicole Lemire (University of Western Ontario) Linearisation of multiplicative group actions (abstract)
Katrin Tent (Münster) Uniformly primitive permutation groups (abstract)

Several contributed talks have been added in the last few days, and the programme is complete now as it stands. We apologize that the time frame does not allow us to include further contributed talks.