As most of the courses below have been given in German, the information provided along the links will be mostly in German only. Details for courses that started fall 2017 or later, can be found using PAUL. Note, moreover, that the descriptions of older courses have been written for a different typo3 system; as they were migrated automatically, there might appear some layout inconsistencies.

Courses before 2006 took place at Leipzig university, those from 2006 to summer 2009 at Hamburg university. 

Regular, Full-term Courses

Winter term 2023/2024: Analysis 1
Summer term 2023: Math for Chemists
Summer term 2022: Analysis 2
Differential Geometry 2
Winter term 2021/2022: Analysis 1
Differential Geometry 1
Summer term 2021: Math for Chemists
Winter term 2020/2021: Distributions
Summer term 2020: Math for Chemists
Winter term 2019/2020: Functional Analysis 2
Winter term 2018/2019: Functional Analysis 1
Math for Chemists
Winter term 2017/2018: Differential Geometry
Real Analysis
Summer term 2017: Analysis 2
Winter term 2016/2017: Analysis 1
Summer term 2016: Complex Analysis 2
Math 2 for Engineers
Winter term 2015/2016: Complex Analysis
Math 1 for Engineers
Summer term 2015: Topology
Math for Chemists
Summer term 2014: Differential Geometry 2
Winter term 2013/2014: Differential Geometry 1
Summer term 2013: Manifolds
Winter term 2012/2013: Math for Physicists C
Summer term 2012: Advanced Topics in Analysis
Math for Physicists B
Winter term 2012: Hilbert Space Methods
Math for Physicists A
Summer term 2011: Complex Analysis
Winter term 2010/2011: Real Analysis
Summer term 2010: Analysis II
Winter term 2009/2010: Analysis I
Summer term 2009: Functional Analysis II
Winter term 2008/2009: Functional Analysis I
Winter term 2006/2007: Differential Geometry II
Summer term 2004: Gravity and Quantization


Winter term 2019/2020: Topology
Summer term 2017: Hyperbolic Geometry
Set-theoretic Topology
Summer term 2014: Hyperbolic Geometry
Winter term 2010/2011: Analysis (Topology)
Summer term 2010: Analysis (Fourier Series)


Summer term 2019: Higher Analysis
Winter term 2013/2014: Free Groups
Winter term 2012/2013: Measure Theory


Summer term 2010: Mathematical Physics
Winter term 2009/2010: Mathematical Physics

There has been an Oberseminar on Mathematical Physics since I moved to Paderborn university. Over the first two semesters, this Oberseminar took place regularly; for the topics follow the links below. Since winter term 2010/2011, the Oberseminar has continued at a non-regular basis.