Har­mon­ic Ana­lys­is Group: Re­search

Research interests:

Dunkl-Cherednik theory and special functions associated with root systems

harmonic analysis on symmetric spaces

connections and applications, such as: random matrices, quantum integrable models

harmonic and geometric analysis on manifolds, in particular on symmetric spaces, and on graphs

asymptotic harmonic analysis

convolution algebras and hypergroups

Macdonald-Cherednik theory

Probabilistic potential theory, Lévy processes

Current research activities:

DFG Research project Asymptotic analysis and the bridge to symmetric cones in Dunkl theory

we are participating with two projects in the  SFB/TRR 358 "Integral structures in geometry and representation theory" (Bielefeld-Paderborn), funded by the German research foundation DFG

Research Seminar "Geometric and Harmonic Analysis"  (with T. Weich, J. Hilgert and J. Frahm, Aaarhus)


publications Margit Rösler

publications Dominik Brennecken

publications Tomasz Luks

publications Effie Papageorgiou

publications Alena Ernst

Editorial activities (M. Rösler):

Studies in Applied Mathematics, member of the editorial board since 2020.

C. Dunkl, P. Forrester, M. de Jeu, M. Rösler, Y. Xu (eds.):  Special issue on Dunkl operators and related topics, SIGMA, 2009.

P. Graczyk, M. Rösler, M. Yor (eds.): Harmonic and Stochastic Analysis of Dunkl Processes, Travaux en cours 71, Hermann, Paris, 2008.

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