Mi­ni Work­shop on Pat­ter­son-Sul­li­van Theo­ry

In this Mini Workshop on Patterson-Sullivan Theory we will review recent advances on the theory of Patterson-Sullivan measures for Anosov Representations as well as different applications of this theory.

Date: 2024 March 11/12
Place: Paderborn University, Room D2 314

All talks will be transmitted via zoom (login details on request)

March 11, 1:00pm Benjamin Delarue "The Burger-Roblin and BMS measures"
March 11, 3:00pm Joachim Hilgert "The Kapovich-Dey Approach to Patterson-Sullivan Theory"
March 12, 9:00am Tobias Weich "Invariant measures for hyperbolic flows"
March 12, 11:00 am Lasse Wolf "Applications to Spectral Theory"
March 12, 1:00pm Carsten Peterson "Anosov Representations for Buildings"


This Mini-Workshop is supported by DFG via CRC-TRR 358 Integral Structures in Geometry and Representation Theory (Grant-No 491392403)