Work­shop on In­fi­ni­te-Di­men­si­o­nal Lie Groups and Re­la­ted Func­ti­o­nal Ana­ly­sis

Venue: University of Paderborn
Date: November 6-8, 2008
Organisers: Helge Glöckner and Elke Wolf
Scientific committee: K. D. Bierstedt, K.-H. Neeb and T. Ratiu
Scientific programme: time schedule; abstract book
Participants: The list of participants


The workshop strives to bring together researchers from infinite-dimensional Lie theory and researchers in related areas of functional analysis, to familiarize each other with their ways of thinking, recent progress and typical problems.
To assist these goals, there will be four introductory mini-courses, as well as several invited talks of an expository or survey character.
The programme is also apt to give an initiation to infinite-dimensional calculus and infinite-dimensional Lie groups, and we hope that many PhD-students (and mature researchers from neighbouring areas) will attend.

To­pics co­ver­ed

  • infinite-dimensional Lie groups
  • infinite-dimensional manifolds and geometry
  • differential calculus in locally convex spaces (e.g., inverse and implicit function theorems; differentiability properties of non-linear mappings between spaces of interest like spaces of smooth or analytic functions, spaces of germs, weighted function spaces, Sobolev spaces)
  • infinite-dimensional holomorphy and real analyticity
  • properties of locally convex direct limits
  • applications to PDEs (notably from fluid mechanics)


J. Eichhorn (Greifswald) Manifolds of bounded geometry and their diffeomorphism groups (abstract)
K.-H. Neeb (Darmstadt) Infinite-dimensional Lie groups and semibounded representations (abstract)
D. Vogt (Wuppertal) Spaces of real-analytic functions (abstract)
J. Wengenroth (Liège) Inductive limits of Frechet spaces (abstract)

Main lec­tu­res

R. Aron (Kent, Ohio) Compact holomorphic mappings, revisited (abstract)
D. Beltita (Bucharest) Triangular integrals with applications to Lie group decompositions (abstract)
K. D. Bierstedt (Paderborn) Spaces of continuous and holomorphic functions with weight conditions (abstract)
J. Bonet (Valencia) Composition and superposition operators on weighted Banach spaces of holomorphic functions of type H^\infty (abstract)
A. Kriegl (Vienna) The philosophy behind convenient calculus (abstract)
P. W. Michor (Vienna) Infinite dimensional Lie groups via convenient calculus (abstract)
T. Ratiu (Lausanne) Diffeomorphism groups and complex fluids (abstract)
Th. Robart (Washington) On the differentiable structure of Lie pseudogroups of analytic transformations (abstract)
Th. Runst (Jena) Mapping properties of superposition operators in generalized Sobolev spaces (abstract)
A. Vershik (St. Petersburg) The invariant measure with respect to the infinite-dimensional Cartan group and representations of the parabolic current groups (abstract)

Short pre­sen­ta­ti­ons

R. Dahmen (Paderborn) Complex analytic mappings on (LB)-spaces and applications in Lie theory (abstract)
H. Glöckner (Paderborn) Homotopy groups of topological spaces containing a dense directed union of manifolds (abstract)
M. Lindstroem (Oulu, Finland) On compactness of operators acting on Bergman spaces (abstract)
F. Wagemann (Nantes) Lie group structures on groups of holomorphic maps (abstract)
T. Wurzbacher (Metz) Hecke operators on inverse limits of modular curves (abstract)