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Brown'sche Bewegungen: 
Pfade einer Diffusion Show image information
Ising-Modell Show image information
Pfade eines N-Particle-Fleming-Viot Prozesses Show image information
Stochastic Spikes: Cycle Decomposition Show image information
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Brown'sche Bewegungen: Pfade einer Diffusion


Pfade eines N-Particle-Fleming-Viot Prozesses

Stochastic Spikes: Cycle Decomposition

Welcome to the homepage of the Research Group for Probability Theory!

Probability Theory is a mathematical branch with a huge range of relations to other scientific areas within and outside of mathematics. Stochastic methods can be successfully applied when handling problems of combinatorics, spectral theory as well as in engineering, economics and natural sciences.

The main focus of this research group is set on the following areas:

  • stochastic processes, especially Markov processes and their asymptotic properties
  • rare events of stochastic processes
  • random dynamical systems
  • models of statistic mechanics

Statistische Beratung:

Bei Interesse an statistischer Beratung kontaktieren Sie bitte mareike.hirche(at)math.upb(dot)de

Interesse an Mitarbeit:

Bei Interesse an Mitarbeit in unserer Arbeitsgruppe in Form eines Praktikums, Abschlussarbeit, Dissertation kontaktieren Sie mareike.hirche(at)math.upb(dot)de

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