West­fäl­is­che Stochastiktage

The workshop ‚Westfälische Stochastiktage‘ will take place

in room J2.213 at Paderborn University on August 18-19, 2022.

The workshop aims at bringing together PhD students working in probability theory at one of the universities of Westfalia and its proximity. PhD students at any stage of their PhD are welcome. The workshop is designed to provide an opportunity for young scientists to discuss their research, to build a regional scientific network, and to gain experience in presenting scientific results.


Invited speakers are:

  • Dr. Diana Conache (TU München)
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Hirsch (Aarhus University)

Additionally, we would like to encourage every participant to give a presentation in one of the following two formats: Regular talks (about 30 minutes), in which (partial) results of the PhD project can be presented, and short talks (about 10 minutes), in which the PhD project and/or research problems in its vicinity can be presented. All talks should be given in English (if possible). Our room has both blackboards and a projector, which can be used for the talks. For the program of the workshop see here:

Practical information

The campus map, including information on how to get there, can be found here:

Additional practical information (location, accomodation, talks, breaks, social event, COVID-10, expenses) can be found here:


For any further questions please contact me: richth(at)math(dot)upb(dot)de