An­tritts­vor­le­sun­gen: Prof. Dr. Ya­se­min Acar (EIM-I), Prof. Dr. Fa­bi­an Ja­nus­zew­ski (EIM-M)

Veranstalter: O1

Prof. Dr. Yasemin Acar

Title: Human Factors in Secure Software Development
We are seeing a persistent gap between the theoretical security of e.g. cryptographic algorithms and real world practices, vulnerabilities, data-breaches and possible attacks. This exposes users to insecure software. Software developers – despite being computer experts – are rarely security experts, and security and privacy are usually, at best, of secondary importance for them. They may not have training in security and privacy or even be aware of user needs or implications, and they may be unable to allocate time or effort to ensure that security and privacy best practices and design principles are upheld for their end users.
Understanding their education and mindsets, their processes, the tools that they use, and their pitfalls are the foundation for shifting development practices to be more secure.
This talk will give an overview of the challenges for developing secure, privacy-preserving software for diverse users, and research avenues to address these challenges.


Prof. Dr. Fabian Januszewski

Title: Arithmetic of L-functions
Abstract: Since its inception, Number Theory has focused on arithmetic problems concerning integers and rational numbers, which are fundamental concepts in mathematics. However, the modern approach to these problems has evolved in an apparently paradoxical way: to answer arithmetic questions, it requires the integration of diverse mathematical disciplines far beyond elementary arithmetic.
L-functions provide a central link between these diverse areas of mathematics and play a crucial role in modern number theory. In this lecture, we will explore why L-functions are of such significant importance and how they contribute to our understanding of fundamental arithmetic questions.