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Freitag, 25.06.2021 | 16.00 Uhr - 17.00 Uhr

BiPb Seminar

Speaker: Igor Burban
Title: The classical Yang-Baxter equation and algebraic geometry

Abstract: Classical Yang-Baxter equation  (CYBE)  plays an important role in the modern theory of classical integrable systems.
In my talk,  I am going to give a survey of main properties of solutions of CYBE and explain which algebraic, analytic and geometric structures naturally arise in its framework. In particular, I shall explain how solutions of CYBE can be classified in terms of appropriate coherent sheaves of Lie algebras on elliptic curves and their degenerations and illustrate this approach by concrete examples.

For more details on the BiPb-Seminar see the seminar home page.

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