For­schungs­se­mi­nar Kom­ple­xe Quan­ten­sys­te­me: Bla­zej Ru­ba (Co­pen­ha­gen) - Co­he­rent state quan­ti­za­ti­on and SU(2)-equi­va­ri­a­nt quan­tum chan­nels

Ort: D2.314

Blazej Ruba (Copenhagen)
Coherent state quantization and SU(2)-equivariant quantum channels

Spin-coherent states are certain vectors in irreducible representations of SU(2) possessing remarkable semiclassical properties. They can be used to devise a quantization scheme, relating operators on representations to functions on the Riemann sphere. The role of the Planck's constant in this approximation is played by the inverse of the spin parameter. After discussing this quantization, I will show how one can use it to analyze quantum channels equivariant under SU(2) symmetry.

Please contact Benjamin Hinrichs if you wnat to participate online.