Ober­se­mi­nar "Num­ber Theo­ry and Arith­me­ti­cal Sta­ti­stics": Béran­ger Se­gu­in (UPB), Al­ge­bra­ic Pat­ching for Be­gin­ners

Ort: A3.339
Veranstalter: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Klüners

Title: Algebraic Patching for Beginners

Abstract: Using the language and the tools of rigid analytic geometry, Harbater (1987) has defined a "patching operation" which can be used to solve the inverse Galois problem over fields like Qₚ(T) or Fₚ((X))(T). Later, Haran and Völklein (1996) rephrased this construction in a purely algebraic language, replacing all geometric arguments with (almost entirely) explicit constructions. Our goal is to present their proof.