SFB TRR 358 - Gra­dua­te Se­mi­nar Pa­der­born: Kyung­min Rho, "An in­tro­duc­ti­on to ho­mo­lo­gi­cal mir­ror sym­me­try"

Ort: D 2.314
Veranstalter: Abhijit Aryampilly Jayanthan, Stepan Maximov

Recent developments in homological mirror symmetry have significantly connected symplectic geometry, algebraic geometry, and representation theory. Fukaya categories of Riemann surfaces have emerged as powerful tools for dealing with representation theory of tame categories. These categories include categories of matrix factorizations, derived categories of coherent sheaves of singular complex curves and derived categories of some finite-dimensional algebras. In this talk, we will explore these extensive fields by examining concrete examples and their correspondences.


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