"All Day Re­search" Pod­cast: Sixth epis­ode with Dr. Ulf-Peter Schroeder on­line

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In the sixth episode of the "All Day Research" Podcast we welcome Dr. Ulf-Peter Schroeder. With our host Lukas Ostermann, he talks about Collaborative Research Centers - or "SFBs" for short.

As the managing director of SFB 901: "On-The-Fly Computing - Individualized IT Services in Dynamic Markets", Dr. Ulf-Peter Schroeder is primarily responsible for keeping a general overview of the projects. In cooperation with economics and under the direction of Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide, methods and techniques for automatically creating, configuring and equipping individual IT services have been developed since 2011.

But what are Collaborative Research Centers actually and what makes them so special? In this interview, Dr. Ulf-Peter Schroeder provides some insights into how an SFB proceeds from application to implementation, how students can also participate in the projects, and why this funding is generally sought by universities. "We have had three Collaborative Research Centers in the entire history of the University of Paderborn so far. Two of them under the leadership of computer science and one in which computer science was significantly involved as a junior partner," says Ulf-Peter Schroeder.

What other possibilities and opportunities a Collaborative Research Center offers can also be seen in the improvement of the infrastructure at the university. "For example, computer science students can make use of the good hardware in the pool rooms. That wouldn't even be possible without large, long-term research projects. Therefore, it can be said that computer science in Paderborn has benefited significantly from special research areas," explains Ulf-Peter Schroeder. However, this is only one of many areas in which Collaborative Research Centers have a benefit for research and teaching, he adds.

The podcast was produced in collaboration with the Institute of Computer Science and the Computer Science Student Council. The aim is to give more insights into science and thereby bring students - especially those in their first semester - closer to their studies, to arouse interest and to show how much fun research and studying computer science at the University of Paderborn can be.

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