Mas­ter Pro­gram: Fo­cus on Al­geb­ra­ic Meth­ods in Ana­lys­is

Deep algebraic methods are used increasingly in various areas of analysis, in analytic number theory and in mathematical physics. As part of our master program, the Special Focus on Algebraic Methods in Analysis offers students a variety of courses introducing fundamental algebraic tools and their applications in analysis, number theory and mathematical physics. It starts in fall 2018.

Suit­able ad­vanced sem­inars

Planned Courses

Winter Term 2018/2019:

  • C. Alfes-Neumann: Automorphic forms
  • J. Hilgert: Homological algebra in spectral geometry of Riemann surfaces
  • O. Schnürer: D-Modules

Summer Term 2019:

  • C. Alfes-Neumann: Borcherds products
  • J. Hilgert: Howe-Duality
  • M. Rösler: Spectral theory
  • A. Stolin: The classical Yang-Baxter equation

Winter Term 2019/2020:

  • I. Burban: Hopf algebras and Kitaev's  Quantum-Double Model (Seminar)
  • C. Fleischhack: Functional analysis
  • J. Hilgert: Buildings and Hecke algebras
  • J. Klüners: Number theory
  • T. Weich: Symmetric spaces

In the summer term 2019 (1.4. - 30.9.), we can offer a limited number of 5 month scholarships for master's students.

For application, please send the following documents to by October 31, 2018.

  • a letter of motivation
  •  a curriculum vitae
  •  a current transcript of records
  •  recommendation letter (which has to be sent directly by the referee)

We are looking forward to your application!