Wel­come to our Math­em­at­ics Learn­ing Cen­ter

Want to talk about math? Questions about the lecture or your homework?

Our learning center offers support for students getting a bachelor’s or master’s degree in mathematics, or who are preservice higher secondary teachers for mathematics. Here, you will find a place to work and the opportunity to study together or individually. Experienced students from higher semesters are available for all questions concerning the lecture. You can find more details under Services and Opening Hours.

If you have any questions, criticism, or suggestions for improvement, please feel free to send us an e-mail. We are looking forward to your feedback!

You are interested in working as a tutor in the learning center, but you are still unsure about how such a job works and what you need to bring along? Then feel free to send us your questions by e-mail - without any obligation.

Further information:

Location: J2.324

Lara Gildehaus
Gregor Flüchter

If you have any questions, then email us at

Responsible Lecturers:
Prof. Dr. Fabian Januszewski
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Michael Liebendörfer