Job pro­files in math­em­at­ics and com­puter sci­ence

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The alumni association "Die Matiker e.V." at the University of Paderborn organizes the following two lectures as part of the lecture series 

„Job Profiles in Mathematics and Computer Science" 

on Thursday, January 18th 2024 at 6:15 p.m. in lecture hall D2 (both lectures will take place one after the other on that date, a total of approx. 90 minutes).
The talks are given by former students of computer science and mathematics and are aimed at all current students of computer science and mathematics.

Talk 1: From specialist to generalist – as a mathematician in management (Helene Derksen-Riesen, Weidmüller Gruppe, Detmold) (Vortrag auf Deutsch - Talk in German

Talk 2: From a computer science student to a software engineer (Prakhar Rathi, CS Group GmbH, Darmstadt, and Niladri Mondal, TU Ilmenau) (Vortrag auf Englisch - Talk in English)

To talk 1: 
An overview of the different stations in almost 20 years of professional experience as a mathematician - in consulting, the energy industry and electrical engineering.
As a German manufacturer in the field of electrical connection technology and electronics, Weidmüller is an expert in the transmission of energy, signals and data in industrial environments. The solutions are used in modern manufacturing plants in industry, power generation, railway technology as well as in wind and photovoltaic systems.
Helene Derksen-Riesen, Head of Corporate Development and Real Estate, studied at the University of Paderborn and graduated in 2004 with a degree in mathematics. She has been working at Weidmüller since 2012 and previously worked in various functions in the energy industry and in the consulting environment, both at home and abroad.

To talk 2: 
We are both from India and we came to Germany to pursue our Master of Science in Computer Science at the Paderborn University in October 2019. 
Prakhar Rathi: I graduated in February 2022 with a specialization in Software Engineering. During my masters, I was working as a Research Assistant (HiWi) at Fraunhofer IEM. Thereafter, I joined the CS Group in Darmstadt as a Software Engineer after graduation. 
Niladri Mondal: While I was studying, I have had worked as student employee in Voltabox AG and then with Weidmüller Interface. I completed my thesis with Weidmüller Interface, Detmold and graduated in March, 2023 with a specialization in Wireless Computer Networks. I am currently working as a Scientist and PhD candidate at TU Ilmenau in IoT Engineering Group.
In our combined talk we will speak about the different challenges while we pursued the course (and possibly some approachable solutions towards them). Our talk can be directed towards our experiences finding a job during and after masters. Also, we will share our experience working as a student and the current full-time job. Additionally, we will talk about finding a job and share some details about our current role and responsibilities in brief. 

— Die Matiker e.V. is the alumni association of the Institutes of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Paderborn. Since 2001 it has been organizing the regular series of talks „Job Professions in Mathematics and Computer Science". The aim of the talks is to let students participate in the wealth of experience of the graduates and thus give them an insight into professional practice. Further information about previous and future talks can be found at .

 (The talks in this series are held either in German or in Englisch.)