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To all students of computer science and mathematics at the University of Paderborn:

The alumni association "Die Matiker e.V." at the University of Paderborn organizes the following two lectures as part of the lecture series 

„Job Profiles in Mathematics and Computer Science" 

on Thursday, December 7, 2023 at 6:15 p.m. in lecture hall D2 (both lectures will take place one after the other on that date, a total of approx. 90 minutes).


The talks are given by former students of computer science and mathematics and are aimed at all current students of computer science and mathematics.

Talk 1: IT-Beratung für das e-Government (Manuel Richert, GAUSS LVS mbH, Paderborn) (Vortrag auf Deutsch - Talk in German) 
Talk 2: … gestern noch Mathe - und heute?! (Dr. Aday Heise, best practice consulting AG, Münster) (Vortrag auf Deutsch - Talk in German)


To talk 1: 
As a mathematician, your career after your studies is by no means fixed. There are a variety of opportunities to work in different industries. This talk is about the job profile of an IT-consultant, presented using an employee of a medium-sized Paderborn software company. The discussion of technology as well as customer-specific expertise, experiences from project business as well as opportunities and challenges of different business models are touched upon and provide an overview of the consultant's entertaining everyday life.

GAUSS-LVS was founded in 1989 as a startup from the University of Paderborn. After more than 30 years, it has achieved a respectable position in the market of software manufacturers for social service providers. The now more than 80 employees serve public, church and private institutions throughout Germany. Their SoPart® case management process is used in the largest judicial and local government agencies.

Mr. Manuel Richert initially studied algorithmic mathematics as a bachelor's degree in Paderborn and was the first master's graduate in mathematics at the University of Paderborn in 2011. He worked as an IT consultant at GAUSS-LVS mbH in Paderborn for 12 years and has been managing director there since November.

To talk 2: 
The best for you! best practice consulting (bpc) is a constantly growing medium-sized management, process and IT consultancy with a focus on SAP solutions. We develop innovative solutions for our customers in the public sector, the supply and waste management industry as well as the financial sector and accompany them on their path to digitalization - holistically and future-oriented.

In the talk Dr. Heise, himself a mathematician, would like to introduce best practice consulting AG and his varied day-to-day work as an SAP consultant. Challenges and opportunities that bpc AG offers are presented as well as the aspects that motivated him to start his career at bpc AG.

Dr. Aday Heise studied at the University of Paderborn and completed the Master of Science in Mathematics in 2015. Since 2021 he has been working as a consultant at best practice consulting AG in Münster.

— Die Matiker e.V. is the alumni association of the Institutes of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Paderborn. Since 2001 it has been organizing the regular series of talks „Job Professions in Mathematics and Computer Science". The aim of the talks is to let students participate in the wealth of experience of the graduates and thus give them an insight into professional practice. Further information about previous and future talks can be found at .