New on­line meet­ings of the Pader­born Maths Circle for pu­pils in spring/sum­mer 2024

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The math circle of the University of Paderborn serves to promote young mathematical talent and will meet in spring/summer 2024 on Saturdays April 20, 2024, May 4, 2024 and June 8, 2024, each from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., online with the video conferencing software Zoom. Interested students who are familiar with middle school mathematics and who enjoy logical thinking are cordially invited to participate! Experience has shown that prior knowledge usually allows participation from the 9th grade onwards. The exciting topics of the math circle meetings in spring/summer 2024 are "Constructing magic squares", "The Euclidean algorithm" and "Parquetizing with polyiamonds". We look forward to numerous registrations! - More detailed information and the registration form can be found at 

Contact: AOR Dr. Kerstin Hesse

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