Six Pader­born re­search­ers elec­ted to re­view boards of the Ger­man Re­search Found­a­tion

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The results of the DFG Review Board election have been announced: Prof. Dr Matthias Bauer, Prof. Dr Claudia Schmidt, Prof. Dr Werner Homberg, Prof. Dr Elmar Moritzer, Prof. Dr Eric Bodden and Prof. Dr Christian Plessl from Paderborn University have been elected to the various committees of the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the 2024 to 2028 term of office. "I am very pleased for our researchers. The election recognises their research achievements and underlines their importance in the scientific community," says Prof. Dr Johannes Blömer, Vice President for Research and Early Career Researchers.

The DFG is the self-governing organisation of the scientific community in Germany. The review boards are responsible for evaluating research proposals and selecting the most worthy projects for funding. The review boards also ensure that proposals are assessed according to uniform standards across the DFG's programmes. Every four years, almost 150,000 eligible researchers decide who sits on a review board in the review board election. The elected members are each assigned to a subject according to the focus of their academic work. Several academically interlinked subjects form a review board.

Bauer is part of the review board "Chemical Solid State and Surface Research" for the subject "Physical Chemistry of Solids and Surfaces, Material Characterisation". Schmidt has been appointed to the "Physical Chemistry" review board for the subject "Physical Chemistry of Molecules, Liquids and Interfaces, Biophysical Chemistry". Homberg and Moritzer represent the subjects "Primary and Forming Technology, Additive Manufacturing Processes" and "Plastics Technology" in the "Production Engineering" review board. Bodden and Plessl have also been appointed to the "Computer Science" review board until 2028 in the subjects "Software Engineering and Programming Languages" and "Computer Architecture, Embedded and Massively Parallel Systems".

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