Work­shop and Sum­mer School in the DFG Pri­or­ity Pro­gram SP­P2111

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September 2022 was characterized by networking for the DFG Priority Program SPP2111 "Ultrafast signal processing using nanophotonic-nanoelectronics technology". In addition to the workshop held on September 5 and 6, 2022, with 35 participants* from 10 subprojects, another highlight could take place with the Summer School.

On September 15 and 16, participants were able to attend 4 lectures, a DESY guided tour, a social event and a poster session at DESY Hamburg. 24 PhD students participated in the school. The lectures dealt with mode-locked lasers and modelling of integrated lasers, as well as photonic quantum computing and corresponding sources and detectors. All participants visited different laboratories at DESY and exchanged ideas on their research topics during the poster session.


The DFG Priority Program SPP 2111 "Ultrafast Signal Processing by Using Nanophotonic-Nanoelectronics Technology" aims to improve the limiting boundaries of electronic signal processing using photonic-electronic integration in advanced photonic-electronic semiconductor technologies, such as silicon-on-insulator (SOI), silicon nitride (SiN) and indium phosphide (InP). Ultra-fast and energy-efficient information processing is required in many applications, such as communication systems, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, smart factory, instrumentation, and medical technology. In addition to speed and energy efficiency, these integrated photonic-electronic systems have other special properties: small size, low cost, robustness and programmability. Research on novel nanophotonic-nanoelectronics circuits and systems will not only increase signal processing speed and enable novel systems, but also significantly improve energy efficiency, thus helping to conserve natural resources and minimize the impact of today's information and communication technology on climate and environment.