User rules for the mathematics computer network

Prohibited in the computer network is:

  • Damaging hardware and/or software as well as maliciously disrupting network operations.
  • Breaking into other people's user areas and spying on other people's data, as well as attempting these activities
  • Passing on passwords and/or the use of a login by several persons
  • Using the login for illegal, commercial or other non-specialized purposes (especially making/saving and/or passing on pirated copies)
  • Viewing/reading/saving and/or passing on objects with content that can be prosecuted under criminal law or is morally offensive (in particular pornographic documents, documents glorifying violence or racist documents).
  • The waste of system resources
  • Disturbing or harassing other users by inappropriate behavior (especially occupying required workstations for games, loud talking in the pool, harassment by email).

Each user is fully responsible for all actions performed under his/her login. He/she is also responsible for the effects of the programs he/she runs.

Duties of users in the computer network mathematics:

  • To ensure the functionality of a machine and the entire network as far as it is your responsibility. In particular, the rooms and the furniture are also to be kept clean and the available operating resources (workstations, CPU capacity, disk storage space, performance capacities) are to be used responsibly
  • The use of "secure" passwords and the observance of and compliance with all other security instructions of the Mathematics Computer Operations Group.
  • Logging out when leaving pool rooms
  • The coordination of a project for the processing of personal data before the start with the computer company as well as the compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act
  • Informing the computer operation in case of problems with hardware or software, as well as in case of malfunctions in the network
  • The reference of others to these rules of use

With my signature on the login application or by entering the password when logging in, I accept these user regulations for the Rechnerverbund Mathematik in their currently valid version and agree that user ID, surname and first name will also be made known via network-wide information services.

To the extent that specific regulations have not been established herein, the regulations governing the reimbursement of expenses and the administrative and user regulations of university computer centers pursuant to Decree MWF NRW IV A5-7334.01 HRZ of 15.07.1987.

Organizational information on the mathematics computer network for students:

In the mathematics computer network for students

  •     personalized course logins (upon request of the respective lecturer)
  •     individual logins for students of mathematics

are assigned. Please contact the Rechnerbetrieb Mathematik.

All logins are valid for the time of enrollment.

In D3.339 / D3.344 there is a public pool room where Windows PCs are available, in room D3.301 you can work on Linux PCs shared with Computer Science.

These pool rooms are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. and can be accessed at other times only with a swipe card. Only individuals with individual logins may apply for a swipe card. Swipe cards can be requested from Computer Science Operations.

Both pool rooms are also available for instructional use. Schedules are posted on the doors indicating times for classes. At these times, the pool must be vacated by other users.

The RBM computer operations operates a data backup, but you should not absolutely rely on it for important data. Please backup important data yourself to your cloud or to a USB stick !

Please send comments to RBM computer operations