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Research seminar "Geometric and Harmonic Analysis": Paul Nelson (Aarhus) (zoom talk), "Microlocal lifts and quantum unique ergodicity for GL(2,Qp)"

Ort: D2.314

Titel: Microlocal lifts and quantum unique ergodicity for GL(2,Qp)

Abstract: We will present the paper named in the title, which available at  The paper constructs a representation-theoretic microlocal lift for principal series representations of GL(2,Qp), and uses this to prove a form of QUE for Hecke eigenfunctions on certain path spaces over finite arithmetic graphs.  This provides an analogue at non-archimedean places of some results of Zelditch, Wolpert and Lindenstrauss at the archimedean place.

If you are interested in participating online please contact  Tobias Weich or Benjamin Delarue in order to receive the login details.