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Re­search sem­in­ar "Geo­met­ric and Har­mon­ic Ana­lys­is": Pawel Ple­wa (Torino)

Ort: D2.314

Title: Riesz transforms and spectral multiplier theorem for extensions of Bessel–Kingman hypergroups

Abstract: We consider a one parameter extension by dilations of the Bessel–Kingman hypergroup. We prove a sharp spectral multiplier theorem for the lifted Bessel operator. Moreover, we prove L^p-boundedness of the associated Riesz transforms in the full range of p. As an application, we show the L^p boundedness of Riesz transforms corresponding to a left-invariant sub-Laplacian on a solvable extension of stratified Lie groups.

If you are interested in participating online please contact  Tobias Weich or Benjamin Delarue in order to receive the login details.