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Research seminar "Geometrische und harmonische Analysis": Andrew Sanders (zoom talk), Uniformization of Locally Flag Manifolds

Abstract: By the Poincare-Koebe uniformization theorem, every closed Riemann surface of negative Euler characteristic can be realized as a quotient of the upper half plane by a discrete subgroup of Mobius transformations.  Moving from the Riemann sphere to other complex homogeneous flag varieties F, the theory of Anosov subgroups gives rise to a vast array of compact complex manifolds uniformized by open domains in F.  In this talk, we aim to give an introduction through examples to the basic objects of the theory, discuss the (lack of a robust) function theory, and explain some results concerning the deformation theory of these objects.  No prior knowledge of Anosov subgroups will be assumed.  This is joint work with David Dumas (UIC).

If you are interested in participating online please contact  Tobias Weich or Benjamin Delarue in order to receive the login details.