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Reductive Groups 2020

Conference: June 29 - July 1, 2020 on zoom. Unfortunately we have to postpone our real life conference in Bergkloster Bestwig to next year. See Reductive groups 2021. As a small conciliation and sneak preview for Reductive Groups 2021 we offer a shorter electronic meeting on zoom.

Organizers: Bernhard Krötz and Job Kuit


Mo, June 29. 15.50-16.00 Welcome    
  16.00-17.00 Alexandre Afgoustidis The Mackey bijection for real reductive groups: deformation of geometrical realizations Slides
  17.20-18.20 Erik van den Ban Fourier analysis of Whittaker functions on a real reductive group Slides
Tu, June 30. 16.00-17.00 Maarten Solleveld Bernstein components for p-adic groups Slides
  17.20-18.20 Aaron Pollack Special automorphic functions on the exceptional groups Slides
We, July 1. 16.00-17.00 Gal Dor Symmetric Monoidal Structures on GL(2)-Modules and Applications to Automorphic Representations Slides
  17.20-18.20 Amos Nevo Diophantine approximation on reductive homogeneous spaces Slides
  18.20-18.30 Group photo    


The conference was live-streamed on Youtube. Here are the links for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


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