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Margit Rösler: Publications and preprints

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Book chapters

Journal Articles

Conference Proceedings

  • Convolution algebras for multivariable Bessel functions. In: Infinite Dimensional Harmonic Analysis IV (Conf. Proc. Tokyo 2007); eds. J. Hilgert et al; pp. 255-271, World Scientific, Singapore, 2009.
  • (With M. Voit) Deformations of convolution semigroups on commutative hypergroups. In: Infinite Dimensional Harmonic Analysis III (Conf. Proc. Tübingen 2003); World Scientific, Singapore, 2005.
  • Short-time estimates for heat kernels asociated with root systems. In: C. Dunkl, M. Ismail, R. Wong et al (eds.): Special Functions. Proceedings, Hong Kong 1999, pp. 309-323. World Scientific 2000.
  • One-parameter semigroups related to abstract quantum models of Calogero type. In: H. Heyer et al. (eds.): Infinite Dimensional Harmonic Analysis. Proceedings, Kyoto 1999, pp. 290-305. Gräbner-Verlag 2000.
  • Bessel-type signed hypergroups on R. In: Heyer, H., Mukherjea, A. (eds.): Probability measures on groups and related structures XI. Proc. Oberwolfach 1994, pp. 292-304. Singapore: World Scientific 1995.
  • Convolution algebras which are not necessarily positivity-preserving. In: Applications of hypergroups and related measure algebras (Summer research conference, Seattle, 1993). Contemp. Math. 183 (1995), 299--318.
  • On optimal linear mean estimators for weakly stationary stochastic processes. IMACS Ann. Comp. Appl. Math. 9 (1991), 373--378.


Habilitation and PhD thesis

Die Universität der Informationsgesellschaft